10 reasons why taking a gap year in your 30s is awesome

10 reasons why taking a gap year in your 30s is awesome

We just took a family gap trip! Neither me or my partner took a gap year in our twenties after university due to circumstances but it was always something we wanted to do. Now having completed ours we think that that is way better taking a gap year in your 30s rather than your 20s and here’s why

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The company

Whether you are a couple, a family, or a solo traveller, in your 30s you are happy with the company you decide to keep on your travels not feeling the need to go with the group and are actually travelling with only the people you want!


Hopefully by the time you are in your 30s you will be in a better financial position that in your 20s. Being a fan of luxury travel this definitely meant that a gap year in our 30s was better!


No longer a graduate or emerging professional, by the time you are in your 30s you should have at least ten years experience. This means your career won’t suffer or be effected by taking a break!

You know your self

Peer pressure and the urge to the follow the crowd is a distant memory. You do things because you want to and happily on your own terms! This makes for a more rewarding travel experience

You Know your travel style

I can tell you at a quick glance whether I will enjoy a hotel, activities and a destination. Knowing yourself means you get to know your travel style better too and won’t compromise!

You have more experience

In my 20s having all my luggage lost in a Central African airport would have had me in tears panicking but not so in my thirties. A much savvier packer, I had packed my hand luggage well and knew just what to do! You are not so easily phased as a 30s traveller.

You do more interesting travel itineraries

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Everyone I know who did a gap year straight after university did the same trip! Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and South America! Now while these places are awesome, I don’t want to travel to them with other gap year people at the same time doing the exact same itinerary. In your 30s you will go more off piste – Japan, Sri Lanka, Uganda, South Pacific, Iceland all become more likely destinations.

More appreciation

I definitely appreciate things so much more now I’m older and this goes for travel. Every experience feels far more magical and has a bigger impact and appreciate by me!

No more FOMO

Wandermust Family at the Golden Pavillion

Whether this is because I’m a mum and know with a toddler we will miss things, I no longer have fear of missing out (fomo)! In Sydney we didn’t get to all the beaches, Bali we never made it to ubud … the list could go on! But now instead of rushing around tying to see everything I just see them as reasons to return!

You travel deeper and slower

In my 30s my pace has changed for the better. I’ve embraced slower travel, knowing I will never truly know anywhere I travel to I grave slower and deeper to get as much of it as I can rather than it being an exercise in ticking off my bucket list!

What do you think about travel in your 30s?


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