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Where to get breakfast at Disneyland Paris

Where to get breakfast at Disneyland Paris

In this guide we explain all your breakfast options at Disneyland Paris. So whether you want to know where you can use your meal plan, best places to get breakfasts and character breakfasts and best spots to get breakfast on the go!

Where to get Breakfast at Disneyland Paris

If you are planning to get breakfast at the park then you have 3 main options: 

  • in the on-site hotels, 
  • on the go and one of the coffee shops, 
  • in the village or 
  • at character breakfasts such as Plaza Gardens.

Hotel Breakfasts

view of plate of disney breakfast food including mickey waffles and bacon

Breakfast at Disneyland Paris

All of the on-site hotels at Disneyland Paris serve a buffet breakfast in-house. These have extensive options for continental breakfast as well as some favorites such as Mickey waffles. 
Although for buffet restaurants and sit down meals at restaurants for lunch and dinner require reservations, no reservations are required for breakfast. 
So no matter whether you have a meal plan or not you can just turn up and have breakfast in your hotel. Usually breakfast is served in the Disney hotels from 7am – 11am.

On the Go breakfasts

Sign of McDonalds at Disneyland Paris village

How to do Disneyland paris on a budget

One of the reasons we never have breakfast in the hotel is because we like to get up and make use of our Early Magic Hours. It is relatively easy to get a grab and go breakfast both in the village and in the parks. The places we have used in the past are:
  • Starbucks – in the village 
  • McDonalds – in the village 
  • New York Style Sandwich – in the village
  • Earl of Sandwich in the village 
  • Cable Car Bakery – in the main Disneyland Park 
  • En Coulisse in the Studios Park

In these places you can get a breakfast meal deal of a pastry or breakfast sandwich and a coffee. If you are visiting Disneyland Paris on a budget or have a fussy eater these can be the best picks for breakfast. 

Breakfast in the Village

Worst and Best Restaurants at Disneyland Paris - Annette's Diner

Worst and Best Restaurants at Disneyland Paris – Annette’s Diner

If you don’t want to have breakfast at your hotel, but want a sit down breakfast then there are plenty of options in the village. 
On top of the on the go breakfasts we listed above you can have a sit down breakfast at the following Village restaurants: 
  • Brasserie Rosalie – the new French restaurant in the village that serves classics french breakfasts. There is also a kiosk for those who want to grab breakfast on the go. 
  • Annette’s Diner – this is perhaps the most popular breakfast option in the village. Annette’s is a classic 1950s diner serving burgers at lunch and dinner. But for breakfast they serve a classic American breakfast of pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs etc. 

Character breakfast at DLP

Little girl in princess dress hugging cinderella

Breakfast at Disneyland Paris

I love character meals! In fact one of my favorite places to get food in the park is at Auberge de Cendrillon to have lunch with the princesses. 

But if you want to have breakfast with characters you have a couple of options:

  • Plaza Gardens – this is a buffet breakfast where you can meet classic characters such as Mickey, Pluto and Goofy, characters from Winnie the Pooh and classic movies such as Peter Pan and Pinocchio. Please note: you are never guaranteed which characters
  • Auberge – breakfast with the princesses is only just coming back. Bookings will open in 2024 with availability until 2025. Again you are not guaranteed which princesses you will meet however when this was available previously the most common princesses to see were Cinderella, Sleeping beauty and Snow White. 


Do I need to book a table for breakfast at Disneyland Paris?

Although you need to book tables for lunch and dinner reservations at buffet and table service restaurants, this is not required for breakfasts. 

Do any of the Disney hotels offer free breakfast?

No breakfast at the Disney hotels are not free. However if you book Club level suites such as the Golden Forest Club Rooms at Sequoia Lodge and the Compass room Newport Bay Club then breakfast is included. 

Can you get a meal plan with breakfast included?

Yes there are meal plans that include breakfast. If you want to know whether the meal plan would be good value for you then check out this post. 

How much is breakfast at Disneyland Paris hotels?

The cost of breakfast at the on-site hotels vary based on the hotel you are staying at. As of time of writing they were between 10-25GBP per adult.