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Tips for Surviving the Middle East Summer with a baby or young kids

Tips for Surviving the Middle East Summer with a baby or young kids

The Middle East really has only has two seasons – Winter and Summer or alternatively put hot and blooming hot! The shoulder seasons just don’t exist here!  Doha traffic will testify, most expats leave for the summer; trying to escape the Middle East Summer where temperatures can and often do exceed 50 degrees. If you are not one of those people able to participate in the mass expat exodus, summer can be a particularly long and difficult time, especially with a newborn or young children! So here are my top tips for surviving a Middle East Summer with a new baby!

Surviving the Middle East Summer with a baby!

  1. Middle East Summer Survival Tip 1  : Make Malls Your Friend

    I think there are two kinds of people in this world – those that like shopping and those that don’t! I am definitely in the latter of these groups but living in the Middle East, especially in the Summer, you learn to embrace the mall! Not necessarily for shopping but as one of the few places you can go for a walk during the daytime. Many malls in Qatar try to encourage residents to walk 10K steps a day and have routes to achieve this. Ok, I know, it’s not the most riveting walk you will ever go on but it is at least a chance to stretch your legs and have a change of scenery!
  2. Middle East Summer Survival Tip : Find local groups
    While you are stuck at home with your newborn, it can feel like you are the only new mother who hasn’t escaped to cooler climbs but this isn’t the case. You just have to know where to find them. Scope out any local mother and baby groups and go along to one of their events. Let’s face it at this point, outings are more for your sanity than baby’s development so go out there and meet new people.

  3. Middle East Summer Survival Tip : Become nocturnal (ish)
    Ok – this is a piece of advice that I struggle to follow. The Wandermust Baby who loves her routine and we have got bedtime down to a tee! I am reticent to change anything that may mess up her sleep schedule but I know other mothers who this has worked a charm for. You will find that many venues in the Middle East, especially in Doha only come alive at night – particularly places like the Souq! So do as the locals do and take advantage of the cooler night temperatures! The times we have done it we have had great fun!
  4. Middle East Summer Survival Tip : Enjoy some culture

    Aside from malls, the other thing Qatar is investing is in culture as part of its 2030 vision. There are several great museums in Qatar that you can visit during the summer. The Muesum of Islamic Art and Mathaf  are must sees while in Qatar. And new to the scene for 2019, the National Museum of Qatar opens in March 2019!
  5. Middle East Summer Survival Tip : Enjoy Some Top Notch FoodQatar has some absolutely amazing restaurants and during the summer months many have some great value offers especially in the form of business lunches! One not take advantage of the many fantastic deals .
  6.  Middle East Summer Survival Tip : Indulge in a StaycationAs the restaurants have offers during summer, the city’s amazing 5* hotels have some great deals on staycations! Why not take advantage and have a holiday at home!

    What advice do you have for families to survive the Middle East Summer?


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