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The Best Travel New Year’s Resolutions 2020

The Best Travel New Year’s Resolutions 2020

Are you thinking about Christmas and New Year already? Do you make your resolutions months in advance or do you leave it to the last minute?  Does travel feature in your New Years resolution? If so then we have the most comprehensive list of travel based new year’s resolutions for you to take inspiration from as I and some of my favorite travel bloggers tell you what we resolve to do this year!   

Best Travel New Year's Resolutions 2020! Travel resolutions

The Best New Year’s Travel Resolutions

New Year Resolution Travel More 

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This is a common one and who doesn’t want to travel more as a new year resolution but with such a broad resolution it can be hard to stick to so we’ve broken this down a bit further!

Travel Somewhere New – Travelynn Family

It is very easy to say you want to travel more but sometimes it is easy to get drawn back to the same comfortable places! So why not make the resolution to travel somewhere new this year!

Explore Your Own Home Country More – Go Live Young 

And to travel somewhere new you don’t have to travel to somewhere exotic. It could be a new part of your own country! This year for the first time we went to Cornwall and it was as good as any holiday we’ve had

Go Somewhere New in a Familiar Place – A Rainy Day Mum

And if you don’t feel comfortable traveling somewhere new any not just do something new in a familiar place.

Travel In All the School Holidays – Yorkshire Wonders

If you have kids you might be conscious of the holidays! For Yorkshire Wonders they are resolving to travel somewhere in every school holiday as our time with our littles is precious

Tick Off a Bucket List Item

Do you have a bucket list? I do! And this was one of our resolutions last year! Why not pick one of your bucket list items off your list and make this your own year’s goal!

Throw Away the Bucket List – World of Travels with Kids 

But not everyone is a fan of the bucket list! World of Travels with Kids wants to throw away the bucket list and savor each of their experiences more even if that means traveling less

Try an new type of accommodation – Otis and Us

Often we can get stuck in a rut when it comes to the type of places we like to stay! Katy at Otis and Is is resolving to try a news type of accommodation and the best in quirky glamping locations in 2020!

New Year Resolutions Travel Companions

Do More Multi-Generation Travel – Hey Miss Adventures

Have you ever done a holiday with your extended family? It is a great way to spend some time together but also for family travelers also means free babysitting! Our favorite way of doing multi-generational travel is on a cruise ship!

Travel Without Kids – The Wandering Rumpus 

Maybe like us you are a family traveller? Perhaps 2020 is the year that you take that special weekend away with just your partner or some friends!

Stop Fearing Travel with Children – Life and Adventures with Twins

I can understanding this one as Life and Adventures with Twins have three kids under three and I think a lot of people worry about traveling with kids! Throw that fear away and enjoy a family holiday!

New Year’s Resolution: Holiday Digital Detox

Leave Behind the Phone – Yorkshire Tots to Teens 

One of the hardest things in day to day life can be to unplug! Why not make a pact to have a digital detox on holiday by locking your phone in the safe or traveling somewhere with no signal?

Forget about the Gram!

Are you instal-obsessed! Maybe take a social media break and don’t worry about posting photos of your break online! Sometimes it’s nice to just have things for you!

New Year’s Resolution: Travel Budget

Do More Budget Conscious Travel – Happiness Travels Here 

Kaylie says her new year’s resolution to start camping and staying at hostels again. Hotels and serviced apartments have become the norm since having kids but now the kids are older it’s time tp get back to basics and go budget. This will allow us to travel more and have unique experiences that can only be had by getting out of our comfort zone.

New Year’s Resolution: Travel Photograph

Take More Pictures

Do you forget to take pictures on holiday? Then why not take more so you have more travel memories

Be In More Photos

Are you always the one behind the camera? Is there always one person missing from your holiday snaps? Make it a resolution to get at least one family photo from every holiday

Do A Family Friendly Photoshoot 

If you don’t like asking a stranger to take a photo – why not do a family friendly photoshoot on holidays to ensure a great family picture!

New Year’s Resolution: Keeping Travel Memories Alive

Keep Travel Memories Vivid – Little Wanderer 

Maybe you have done lots of travel recently, make sure you talk about it and keep the memories of travel alive!

Do something with your travel photos 

Do you take lots of photos that then just sit on Cloud Storage – why not do something with them – make a phonebook or perhaps create a new iPhone cover

New Year’s Resolution: Eco-Conscious Travel

Travel More Consciously – The Wandering Daughter

Maybe you want to thing about others in your travels. This could be by being more eco conscious or what about a volunteering holiday?

Use less plastic in Travel 

The war against plastic has really picked up pace this year! Why not do your bit to reduce plastic on travels by taking your own metal straws and using plastic products as you travel!

Have we inspired you? We’d love you to comment below with your travel resolution for 2020! 


Best Travel New Year's Revolutions

Best Travel New Year's Resolutions 2020! Travel resolutions Best Travel New Year's Resolutions 2020! Travel resolutions

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