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Best New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers for 2023/2024

Best New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers for 2023/2024

Are you looking for the nest new year’s resolutions for Travelers? In this guide we will out together the  Best New Year Travel Resolutions and give you top tips for how to keep your new years travel resolutions.

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How to Keep your new years travel resolutions

Best Travel New Year's Resolutions / New Years Resolutions for travelers

Best Travel New Year’s Resolutions / New Years Resolutions for travelers

Before we get into inspiration for your travel new year’s resolutions for travelers, we thought is would be good to first discuss how to keep your New Years travel resolutions.m 

I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t made a completely unrealistic New Years resolution, travel or other, and found it impossible to keep, breaking it before January is even over. 

This is especially easy to do with travel New Years resolutions because they can be expensive and time consuming to keep. Therefore before we give you ideas for travel New Years resolutions, here our out tips for how to keep them. 

Be Realistic 

If you have never traveled or hiked before maybe your travel New Years resolution shouldn’t be to hike the entirety of the Appalachian Trail.

Instead maybe you could highlight a specific area of the trail you want to hike to find some more local hikes that you could do in half a day and have a long tern goal of being able to do a longer hiking vacation.  


Now I don’t want your new year’s resolutions to sound too much like work, but there is a reason employers like you have SMART performance targets. 

SMART stands for:

  • Specific,
  • Measurable,
  • Achievable,
  • Relevant, and
  • Time-Bound

And this is a great way to think up resolutions related to travel. Don’t try and generalise too much but one specific goal that is achievable. Also as it is a New Years Resolution you already have your time frame (but more on this later). 

Plan Ahead

It is no good making a resolution and then not thinking about it until December 30th. If you want to actual keep your travel New Years resolution you will need to make plans because you need to understand any leave requirements you have from your employer and also some places, especially if you are going for a festival or special event, will sell out quickly.

Booking early can often help make your travel budget go further.

Identify Hurdles and Barriers

It is all well and good to make a travel New Years resolution say to go to Italy or travel Japan, however if you don’t have the funds set aside it is likely unachievable. 

Therefore it is a good idea to assess what is holding you back from realising your travel resolution and come up with a plan to over come them.

If it is funds for instance come up with a savings plan or work out things that you could give up in your monthly budget, i.e. cut out the takeaways, and use that money for a travel fund.

And remember, if travel is your long term resolution, there is nothing wrong with having a resolution to save money for travel, without actually traveling in year one.  

Keep trying 

And remember, if you don’t achieve things straight away that is ok, life happens sometimes. Just remember to keep trying. If it was important enough to make a resolution in the first place then it is likely important enough to let yourself keep trying. 

The Best New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers 

So now we have given you are tips for keeping travel New Years resolutions, we will turn our attention to travel New Years resolutions inspiration and ideas. 

New Year Resolution Travel More 

When you are looking at travel New Year’s Resolutions perhaps the most popular travel resolution is:

“To Travel More”

I think the reason for this is because it succinctly tells you want you want to do but doesn’t set any specific goals or timeframes which also unfortunately makes it one of the easier travel resolutions to break – as we said it is better to make all your travel resolutions SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Smart Bound)

Therefore if your Travel New Years Resolutions is to travel more we recommend breaking it down more, into a bitesize chunk for instance as this will make it more achievable. 

We have listed some of our favorite more specific travel New Years Resolutions below but for more information on how to your New Years Resolution to travel more check out this post. 

Resolution: Travel Somewhere New 

So if you want to travel more then one of things you could consider for breaking this down further is to say 

“I want to travel somewhere new”

I think it is human nature to keep returning to places that you feel comfortable, safe and known but traveling somewhere new adds an element of adventure of unknown. 

If this becomes your new year’s resolutions be sure to pick where you want to go early in the year and decide on the best time to go.

Resolution: Explore Your Own Home Country More 

Tahiti Vs Bora Bora Vs Moorea - which is the most romantic island for honeymoons?

Tahiti Vs Bora Bora Vs Moorea – which is the most romantic island for honeymoons?

When we think of traveling more it is easy to imagine traveling to somewhere exotic such as The Maldives or Tahiti however traveling more does not need to mean that you are traveling internationally, especially if you are worry about funding your travel. 

Therefore why not start smaller and work your way up to international travel by making the resolution to explore your own home country more.

Resolution: Explore Your Local Area More 

Ultimate London 4 day itinerary - London itinerary with kids

Big Ben and the London underground sign in colour

But maybe even exploring your home country more might not seem achievable? Well if that’s the case make your resolution more achievable by saying you are going to just explore your local are more. 

We are local to London, so this obviously leaves us with plenty of places to explore and things to do, but wherever you are I guarantee there is somewhere you haven’t yet been. 

Resolution: Go Somewhere New in a Familiar Place 

And if you don’t feel comfortable traveling somewhere new yet why not just try visiting a new attraction in a place you feel comfortable in. 

Resolution: Create a Travel Savings Account 

If you really want to travel more then you need money. To prioritise travel it is good to have an amount of money set aside to travel as we recommend and did when we did our family gap year

Ways in which you can save money to travel is to set up a travel savings account. Or you could use a card or function where you round up all expenditure to the nearest pound – it is surprising how much money you can save doing this 

Resolution: Tick Off a Bucket List Item

Our first view of Frederiksborg Castle

Do you have a bucket list? I do! And this was one of our resolutions last year. Why not pick one of your bucket list items off your list and make this your own year’s goal!

Resolution: Create a Bucket List 

And if you don’t have a bucket list this is the perfect time to create one. And if you can come up with a timeframe for completing some of the items on it. 

Try an new type of accommodation – Otis and Us

Often we can get stuck in a rut when it comes to the type of places we like to stay! Katy at Otis and Is is resolving to try a news type of accommodation and the best in quirky glamping locations in 2024!

Resolution: Try New types of travel

Or if you want to travel to somewhere familiar why not try a new type of travel. If you are a family traveler, why not try a bit of solo travel. 

If you are a luxury travel why not try something budget. 

And if usually you only stay in hotels why not try camping, gleaming or maybe try RVing.  

Resolution: Prioritise Eco Travel 

Unfortunately one of the downsides of travel can be your carbon footprint. Why not try and prioritise eco friendly travel this year either my committing to less plastic in your travels, staying in a luscious eco resort or carbon offsetting flights and travel. 

Resolution: Travel More Consciously 

Maybe you want to think about others in your travels. This could be by being more eco conscious or what about a volunteering holiday?

Whatever it is traveling more consciously is a great thing to do in 2024. 

Resolution: Use less plastic in Travel 

The war against plastic has really picked up pace in recent years. Why not do your bit to reduce plastic on travels by taking your own metal straws and using plastic products as you travel and committing to doing plastic free or less plastic travel. 

Resolution: Travel More Slowly 

Puglia with toddlers

Puglia with toddlers

Slow Travel is a movement that started in Puglia and emphasises slower and deeper travel. Why not make 2024 the year that you slow your pace of travel down and learn to explore deeper and enjoy the little things. 

Resolution: Do a Digital Detox

One of the things we love about traveling is getting off the beaten track and onto the road less travelled. And while we are doing this we love to do a digital detox. We love turning off instagram, Facebook and tiktok and just enjoy being int he moment. 

Resolution: Forget about the Gram!

Qatar itinerary - MIA park - one of the most beautiful places in Doha

Qatar itinerary – MIA park – one of the most beautiful places in Doha

Are you insta-obsessed! Do you always search out the most beautiful and photogenic places when traveling?

This can lead to superficial travel and also can cause a nuisance amongst locals for instance in Notting Hill where instagrammers line up outside of peoples houses to take photos. 

Be sure to not cause a nuisance when you travel and look at things for your self and gain a new perspective bu not just traveling for the gram! 

New Year Resolutions for Traveling Families

Family on Beach

Best Age to take a family gap year with kids

In this section of the guide we will turn our attention to families who love to travel and create some resolution inspiration for them

Resolution: Do More Multi-Generation Travel

While I love traveling with my kids and traveling with toddlers, it can be nice to do more multigenerational travel. 

It is great for parents who can finally carve out some down time and gives children the chance to bond with their elders in a new setting. 

Resolution: travel Without Kids 

We love traveling with our kids, but it can be nice to get away without kids. Maybe this year is the year you finally make a commitment to taking that special weekend away with just your partner or some friends

Resolution: Stop Fearing Travel with Children

Red Rock Canyon with Kids / Red Rock Canyon with toddlers

Red Rock Canyon with Kids / Red Rock Canyon with toddlers

Although we love traveling with kids, I know that a lot of people worry about traveling with kids.

Maybe this is the year that you throw that fear away and enjoy a family holiday. 

Resolution: Travel In All the School Holidays 

Best European Countries to Visit with Toddlers - Ireland with Toddlers

Best European Countries to Visit with Toddlers – Ireland with Toddlers

One of the things I have found since having children is that your time to travel with them is precious and limited. There is a famous quote by Jessica Scott that goes:

‘We get 18 delicious summers with our children. This is one of your 18. If that’s not perspective, I don’t know what is.’ Jessica Scott.

Maybe this year you commit to traveling in all of the summer holidays or school vacations, even if it is just local or some day trips. There are plenty of free things to do with kids in vacations, that can be a great way to explore and bond with your children. 

Time is precious, maybe this year is the year you prioritise time with children to travel. 

Resolution: Take More Pictures

And if you are traveling as a family or even if you are traveling solo be sure that you take plenty of photographs to capture your memories. Do you forget to take pictures on holiday? Then why not take more so you have more travel memories

Resolution: Be In More Photos

It is well documented that parents, mums in particular are often behind the camera and not in front of it. Maybe this year is the year you prioritise being in more photos to make sure every member of your travel group is in your travel memories. A

Resolution: Do A Family Friendly Photoshoot 

Book a local holiday photographer and travel unplugged

If you don’t like asking a stranger to take a photo – why not do a family friendly photoshoot on holidays to ensure a great family picture!

Have we inspired you? We’d love you to comment below with your travel resolution for 2024! 


Best Travel New Year's Revolutions

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