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Our Honest Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne Review

Our Honest Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne Review

Are you looking for an honest hotel Cheyenne review? Then you have come to the right place. In this post, we share with you our honest opinions about Hotel Cheyenne at Disneyland Paris based off our own experience of staying at this hotel. 

Overview of Hotel Cheyenne at Disneyland Paris

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Hotel Cheyenne is considered on of the more budget hotels at Disneyland Paris being a 3* hotel and is therefore a great pick if you want to stay onsite with a more modest budget

We love this hotel as it has a more overt Disney theming with its Toy Story / Wild West theme. The accommodation blocks here are laid out like an Old West Town with 14 wooden buildings with names like Annie Oakley and Butch Cassidy which really helps bring the theme to life. 

On top of the bar at this hotel is called a Saloon and has an Old West theme. 

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What are the benefits of staying at the Hotel Cheyenne

Hotel Cheyenne, as with other on-site hotels comes with some added extra perks including:

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

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What is the theming at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne?

Cowboy boot lamp at Disneys hotel cheyenne

Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne Review (Disneyland Paris)

The theme of Hotel Cheyenne is Wild West with added Toy Story flourishes including cowboy boot lamps, Woody’s Roundup pictures on the wall and faux cow hide blankets. 

The reason we decided to stay at Cheyenne instead of Sequoia Lodge or Santa Fe, was because our toddler was Toy Story obsessed. And the hotel’s Woody decorations made our room extra special for her. 

Transport at Hotel Cheyenne 

Although packages booked through Disneyland Paris do not come with hotel transfers, there is a free shuttle bus between the hotel and the main park entrance. 

However, I will say that these get very busy, especially at peak times. For this reason, we tried to avoid using the free shuttle and just walked to the parks instead. 

Cheyenne, like Santa Fe, is one of the on-site hotels further away from the main entrance. However, even with a stroller it only took us around 15 minutes to walk from our room to the park. The walk is well-lit, flat and very easy so if you are able to we recommend walking instead of taking the free shuttle bus. 

Rooms at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

Bed with cow hode throw at Disney's Hotel Cheyenne at Disneyland Paris

Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne Review (Disneyland Paris)

There are 3 types of room at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne. There are:

  • Standard Rooms – this has a double bed and a pull out bed (we opted to stay in this bed). 
  • Facility Adjacent Rooms – these are close to the reception and restaurant. These usually have 2 doubles or a double and a pullout. 
  • Riverside Rooms – These rooms are closest to the river and the path to the the parks. Again these rooms usually have 2 doubles or a double and a pullout. 
  • Standard room: standard rooms have 1 double be.

Amenities at Cheyenne

View of the Hotel Cheyenne complex at Disneyland paris with tree in foreground.

Honest Hotel Cheyenne Review

Although you will be spending most of your time at the park rather than in the hotel itself it is worth noting that there are plenty of amenities at the hotel. 

Facilities at this hotel include:

  • General Store
  • Indoor playground
  • Outdoor play area
  • Chuck Wagon Cafe
  • Red Garter Saloon
  • Starbucks Coffee

Restaurant at Cheyenne

view of plate of disney breakfast food including mickey waffles and bacon

Breakfast at Disneyland Paris

If you are staying at Hotel Cheyenne with a meal plan there are options for dining on site. 

If you have a bed and breakfast plan, you can eat your breakfast at the on-site restaurant and there is no need to prebook. The breakfast has lots of continental breakfast options, yogurt and cereals on offer. 

The on-site restaurant at Cheyenne is the Chuck Wagon Cafe which is one of my favorite buffet restaurants on site also serves lunch and dinner. 

What are the meet and greets at Cheyenne? 

One of the best perks about staying at a Disneyland Paris hotel is the fact that you get one meet and greet with characters in the hotel lobby each day.

At the hotel Cheyenne you can meet Woody and Jessie in the mornings. So if you have a Toy Story fan in your group  this is a real selling point. 

Currently, the Woody and Jessie meet and greets take place in the morning between 8.15 am and 11 am at the entrance of the Red Garter Saloon.  On some days the characters swap at intervals and on other days it will just be one character for the whole session. Unfortunately, there is no way to no who the meet and greet is in advance. 

If you want to do this I would head into the park for Early Magic hours and then head back for the meet and greet if you want to do this. 

Be sure to check at check-in for up-to-date meet and greet times. 

Things to do 

On top of the meet and greets there are also other great activities at Cheyenne. If you are travelling with little ones then they may be interested in the hotel pony rides (fee applies and seasonal). 

In the lobby there is also a small children’s activity area called Little Sheriffs Children’s Corner. This has lots of colouring to keep the kids amused while you are grabbing a drink. 

There is also a playground called Fort Apache that is great if you are travelling with toddlers and younger children. 

Is Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne worth it?

In my opinion, Hotel Cheyenne is a great hotel to stay at, especially for those travelling with younger children, toddlers or Toy Story fans. 

We always recommend staying on-site wherever possible due to the Early Magic Hours. Hotel Cheyenne is a great value-for-money hotel to stay at on-site with what I think is one of the best themes. 

The only drawback to this hotel is it is slightly further away than some of the other on-site hotels. However, with the option of a shuttle bus and an easy 15-minute walk I personally don’t think this is a problem.

FAQs about Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

View of the room at Disney's Hotel Cheyenne

Is Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne Worth it?

Are tickets included in your reservation?

It depends on how you book your Disney vacation as to whether the tickets are included. We always book direct with Disney which means tickets are included in your package. 

If you book with 3rd party OTAs like or Expedia tickets will not be included and will have to be purchased separately. 

Current Cheyenne price examples:

  • From £147 per person per night (price example on selected summer school holiday dates), 
  • Based on booking a Disney Hotel Cheyenne and ticket package,
  • based on 2 adults and 2 kids sharing, 
  • 3 nights / 4 days
  • For arrivals between 24th July to 31st August 2024*. 

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Subject to availability. Conditions apply. *Price example calculated by dividing the package price of £1762.04 by 4 people (2 adults + 2 kids aged 3-11 years old) and 3 nights. Price rounded up to the next pound. Valid for arrivals between 24 July – 31 August 2024 sharing a Woody’s Roundup Standard room at Disney Cheyenne Hotel for three nights and includes a four-day Disneyland Paris ticket per person. **Price example subject to change depending on time of booking. Limited availability at that price. Conditions apply.

What time is check-in and check-out? 

Rooms  at Cheyenne are available from 3pm. However if you get there earlier you can check in, leave your suitcases at their luggage store and head straight into the park. 

Check-out is at 11am. We normally head into the parks for Early Magic Time and return to the room before 11am and leave our luggage in the hotel luggage store to give us more time in the park. 

Can you walk to the park from Hotel Cheyenne?

Yes you can walk from Hotel Cheyenne to the park entrances. It normally takes us around 15 minutes door to door. But if you don’t want to walk there is also a shuttle bus available. 

Does Cheyenne have a pool? 

As Cheyenne is one of the more budget places to stay on-site Cheyenne does not have a pool. 

The hotels with a pool are:

Does the hotel provide kettles?

Coffee machine at disneyland paris hotel

Hotel Cheyenne Facilities and Amenities

The rooms at Cheyenne do not have kettles however your magic pass will get you a free hot drink per person per day at the vending machines around the hotel.  However some rooms have a coffee machine.

Does the hotel Cheyenne have fridges in the room?

The hotel does not have a fridge in the room which can be challenging if you need a fridge for medication or milk if you have a baby or toddler with you. 

We found ourselves in this situation on our visit and we were able to put medications in the fridge at reception. 

Does Cheyenne have laundry facilities?

One of the things I like about Cheyenne is that it had laundry facilities. You can get laundry tokens and soap from the on-site store. 

Does Hotel Cheyenne provide toiletries?

Toiletries with toy story label at hotel cheyenne at disneyland paris

Disney’s Hotel Cheyene toiletries

Yes, Hotel Cheyenne does indeed provide toiletries. In fact they are branded from Woody’s Round-Up. When we visited Cheyenne our room had:

  • shampoo
  • soap and 
  • shower gel. 

However, if you find these are not to your liking you could always pop to one of the nearby supermarkets

Have you been to Hotel Cheyenne? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. And if you have a question that is not answered here please feel free to drop it below and we will d our best to answer. 

Note: Second to last photo courtesy of Think Disney Thoughts. If you would like a room tour of Hotel Cheyenne check out their instagram account! 

Do you have any other questions about Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne? Drop them below and we will do our best to answer. 

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