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What is the Best Age for Epcot?

What is the Best Age for Epcot?

Are you wondering what the best age for Epcot is? Epcot is one of the four main parks at Disney World and in my opinion each of the parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot) all have their own pros and cons when it comes to the best age to go. While I don’t personally think there is a bad age to go to Epcot at Disney World I do think that there are certainly ages that will appreciate and enjoy things more than others. In this article we will examine the pros and cons of Epcot for each different age range to decide definitively what is the best age to go to Epcot.

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Epcot with a baby 

Epcot with a baby / Epcot with a stroller

Epcot with a baby / Epcot with a stroller

Is Epcot with a baby with a good idea? Now the idea of taking any baby to a theme park can be challenging to parents. But what about Epcot specifically. 
At Epcot there are limited rides that you can go on with babies. In fact I would say there are only three Epcot rides without   height restrictions that are suitable for babies. 
The rides that I would say are baby friendly at Epcot are:
  • Frozen Ever After – just be prepared for the reverse drop when you see Marshmallow. You will need to hold your littles very tightly and could be scary for some younger children
  • Grand Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros in the Mexico Pavillon  – this is a very gentle ride more in line with It’s a Small World rather than Pirates of the Caribbean. 
  • The Seas with Nemo and Friends – this is a gentle ride that is very similar to the Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid. You take a giant shell ride through the story of Nemo and is very gentle. 

Technically you could also take a baby on the Spaceship Earth ride but as 16 minutes long this ride might test some babies. Last time we were on this ride we also got stuck so that is probably why I don’t recommend this for babies.

Also babies can on Remy’s Ratatouille adventure too however given the need for 3d glasses it would be hard for a baby to enjoy. 

It is worth mentioning that if you are traveling to Epcot with a baby however adults and taller children will be able to use the ride swap function at the park.

However having said there are limited rides at Epcot for children there are some reasons why this park is good for babies. 

Firstly this park has a much larger footprint than others at Disney World i.e. Magic Kingdom with babies. This means that it is easier to walk around this Disney park with a stroller than some of the other parks. 

Also as any Disney fan will tell you there is SO much more to Disney World than just the rides. At Epcot there are some great shows, an aquarium and of course the character meet and greets and character dining. All of these can be done very easily with a baby at Epcot.

Also it is worth noting that Epcot like the other parks has many facilities for babies. There are great baby care centers throughout the parks and rider switch at many attractions help parents traveling with young kids enjoy some of the more thrill rides such as Cosmic Rewind which should absolutely be top of your Epcot bucket list.

So although Epcot with a baby isn’t a bad idea I wouldn’t say that this is the best age to go to Epcot. If this is a once in a lifetime trip or you want to get everything done that Epcot has on offer, then visiting Epcot with a baby may not be right for you.

Although doing Epcot with a baby is doable, there will be lots of rides you miss out on and having to schedule your day around naps etc  and thinking about Disney stroller hacks can be an extra layer of stress for some.

However if this won’t be your only trip and it is nearby you may want to visiting Epcot and can enjoy it with a baby. One of my favorite things about visiting with a baby is that you can travel in off peak times when the kids are still in school and you can start making some amazing Disney memories while at Epcot.  

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Epcot with a toddler – is this the best age to go to Epcot 

Epcot with a toddler: toddler rides at Epcot

Epcot with a toddler: toddler rides at Epcot

I love visiting Disney World with a toddler. In fact toddler is one of my favourite ages to go to Disney World. But is Epcot good with a toddler?
There are more rides that toddlers can go on at Epcot as opposed to when you go with a baby. On top of the rides that were listed above toddlers could also go on and enjoy:
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Unfortunately however the two best toddler friendly rides in Epcot in my opinion (Frozen and RatatouillE) have some of the longest queue times in Epcot. 

Also Epcot is great with a toddler who loves a princess. There are lots of princess meet and greets in Epcot such as 
  • Mulan at the China Pavillon 
  • Jasmine in Morocco
  • Snow White in Germany
  • Aurora and Belle in France
  • Elsa and Anna in Norway

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However the downsides of visiting Epcot with a toddler is that you may still have to work around nap times and still have to think about the best stroller for Epcot and packing snacks to take to Disney World

For a full guide on what to pack for Disney World with toddlers check out this post. 

Also if you only have one day at Epcot if can be hard to stay there all day and keep your toddlers awake for the Epcot show – Harmonious which is one of the best things to do in Disney World at night. 

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Epcot with kids (4-10)

Epcot with kids - best age for Epcot

Epcot with kids – best age for Epcot

Although I absolutely loved visiting Epcot when our little ones were toddlers perhaps the best age to go to Epcot is with kids is between the ages of 4-10. The reason for this is because children at this age

  • haven’t lost the magic that the park inspires,
  • will still love the meet and greets of which there are plenty in Epcot
  • they have stamina for long days in the park without naps or strollers
  • they will get some educational value from touring the World Showcase at Epcot
  • they can watch all of the shows and evening entertainment and
  • there will be very few rides that they can not go on due to height restrictions. My 6 year old went on and absolutely loved Cosmic Rewind, Test Track and Mission Mars which are some of the biggest thrill rides in Epcot. 

In my opinion visiting Epcot with kids between the ages of 4 – 10 may be the best age to go to Epcot. 

For our full guide on Epcot with kids check out this post. 

Epcot with teenagers

Epcot with teenagers is certainly possible and still enjoyable to do but there are some limitations to visiting this park with toddlers. 

Teenagers, generally speaking will have lost some of the magic and they won’t enjoy the character meet and greets as much as younger ages. 

However on the plus side, they will be able to literally ride everything. The only downside for teenagers at Epcot is that they aren’t lots of thrill rides in the park. The only ride that I would personally categorise as a thrill ride at Epcot is Cosmic Rewind which you aren’t guaranteed to get into the Virtual Queue for and may have to pay to use the Lightening Lane. 

Therefore due to the lack of thrill rides I would say that teenagers aren’t the best age to go to Epcot. 

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Epcot as an adult

Best Age for Epcot, drink around the world cost - Epcot for adults

Best Age for Epcot, drink around the world cost – Epcot for adults

Epcot has a lot to offer adults visiting the park. One of the great things about visiting as an adult is you can go on any ride, can wait in long queues and don’t necessarily have to buy Genie Plus unless you want to. 
However one of the best things about visiting Epcot as an adult is all the food and beverage options on offer. Drink around the World is a great thing to do at Epcot and can only be done by adults. However this can be expensive so isn’t great for those traveling to Epcot on a budget – check out our guide to Drinking Round the World Costs here. 
There is also a plethora of festivals that take place at Epcot throughout the year such as the Food and Wine Festival which on the whole will appeal to adults more than every other age group. 
Really I can’t think of a downside of going to Epcot as an adult which therefore might make Adults the best age to go to Epcot. 

Overall What is the Best Age to Go to Epcot

So what is the best age to go to Epcot? Overall I think there is no bad age to go to Epcot as it has something on offer for everyone.

However out of all the ages my choice for what is the best age to go to Epcot is either for kids between 4-10 and adults who can enjoy food and drink options at Epcot. 

FAQS About the best age for Epcot

Is Epcot good for 7 year olds?

Epcot is absolutely good for a 7 year old as they can enjoy all of the rides while also getting educational value out of the world showcase as well as being able to meet characters and enjoy the Harmonious evening show.

Is epcot good for 4 year olds?

Yes in our opinion 4 years old is one of the best ages for Epcot as 4 year old kids can enjoy the majority of the rides at Epcot as well as the character meet and greets. 

What do you think the best age to go to Epcot is?