5 reasons why Purple Island, Qatar is a perfect desert experience for kids!

When you think desert you think sandy, hot and inhospitable – perhaps not the first place you think of going with children. But Purple Island is a perfect destination for kids’ first taste of the desert. Purple Island is usual our first port of call whenever we have children visitors. Here;s why:

  1. There’s no dune bashing 
    Purple Island is really safe as there is a limited amount of Land Cruisers and other dune bashing vehicles. There are even trenches dug into the Island to prevent cars getting into the main area meaning it is a really safe option as it is a pedestrian area.
  2. Walk on the wild side!
    Purple Island is a great place for wildlife spotting. The Island itself gets its’ name from the small snails, which when the shells are crushed create a purple dye. A story I have been told, it that the Qatar flag actually gets its colour from these snails.Crabbing in the Rock Pools, Purple IslandOther than snails. There are amble birds to spot including flamingos during the Winter months. We took our nieces and nephews when they visited, even though they were more interested in crabbing in the rock pools!
  3. Get some exercise
    Apart from walking and crabbing, there are plenty of other outdoor activities. One of the most popular is kayaking with Entalek. We haven’t been yet, but it is definitely on our bucket list!
  4. There are plenty of ‘dunes’
    There are plenty of small dunes and rocky sections which provide a great climbing area for kids to explore in safety.

    Wandermust Daddy at Purple Island
    Wandermust Daddy at Purple Island
  5. You’re Not that Remote!
    Though you feel remote and like you are in the middle of the desert, you are only about five minutes away from civilisation including an Al Meera supermarket and Al Khor hospital meaning it is a really safe location for children.Have you been to Purple Island? What did you think? What are your experiences of the desert with children?

8 thoughts on “5 reasons why Purple Island, Qatar is a perfect desert experience for kids!”

  1. It sounds like a lot of fun! I went into the desert once in Dubai – dune bashing as you say – but I would love to have a more authentic experience next time.

  2. Really great that you have a safe desert day out that the whole family can enjoy and have civilisation near in case you get bored but equally if you assistance. Here the desert is not as friendly and far too remote and definitely not as nice!

    1. There is a tiny stretch of land that links it to qatar but sometimes it’s flooded – so depends on the day. The thing that surprised me was how many different types of deserts there are from dunes to rocks etc

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