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Disneyland Paris Thanksgiving Guide

Disneyland Paris Thanksgiving Guide

Are you looking for a Disneyland Paris Thanksgiving guide? We will let you know about everything you can expect at the parks at Thanksgiving weekend in Paris from how busy Disneyland Paris is at Thanksgiving, if and where you can get a Thanksgiving meal at Disneyland Paris  and any special events. 

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Is Disneyland Paris open Thanksgiving?

Disneyland Paris Thanksgiving Guide

Disneyland Paris Thanksgiving Guide

The first thing you need to know if you are thinking about visiting Disneyland Paris at Thanksgiving is whether or not Disneyland Paris is open on Thanksgiving Day.

The good news is that Disneyland Paris is open 365 Days of the year meaning that Disneyland Paris is in fact open on Thanksgiving Day. 

So now you know that it is open you may be wondering whether or not it is crowded on Thanksgiving.

Is Disneyland Paris Crowded on Thanksgiving? 

We think visiting Disneyland Paris in November is a great idea because compared to October and December, November is a much quieter month to visit. 

And the great think about Thanksgiving is that it is always celebrated on the third Thursday in November. Thursday are traditional one of the best days to visit Disneyland Paris because it is one of the days when crowds are at their lowest. 

And as Thanksgiving is not celebrated in France or Europe at all there is no reason for the crowds to swell in Disneyland Paris on this day like they do at the original Disneyland for Thanksgiving

So now you know about crowd levels and opening the next think you will want to know is if thanksgiving is celebrated at Disneyland Paris.

What is the best day to visit Disneyland Paris over the Thanksgiving Weekend?

If you have the whole Thanksgiving weekend to visit Disneyland Paris but only want to spend one day in the parks we would recommend picking the Thursday, actual Thanksgiving day to visit the parks. The crowds at Disneyland Paris tend to surge at the weekends by comparison to weekdays so if you want to get on as many rides as possible you should spend Thursday at the parks.

Is thanksgiving celebrated at Disneyland Paris?

Although the Walt Disney Company is American, Disneyland Paris is distinctly French. For this reason thanksgiving is not celebrated at Disneyland Paris. 

There are no special decorations, meals or even additional fireworks at Disneyland Paris for Thanksgiving however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go.

The parks at Thanksgiving will already be decorated for Christmas and the characters will be out in their festive attire which will add to the day’s festivities.  

Can you get a Thanksgiving dinner at Disneyland Paris?

As there is no formal Thanksgiving celebrations at Disneyland Paris it is probably unsurprising that there is no where in the park where you can get an actual Thanksgiving dinner. There is no where in the parks where you can get a traditional turkey dinner or a ham one. 

So where should you eat on Thanksgiving at Disneyland Paris? We recommend trying to book some character dining.

Character dining restaurants at Disneyland Paris open for booking 60 days prior to departure. Whatever time of year you visit Disneyland paris character dining is notoriously hard to book.

However as you are visiting on a Thursday in November it will be easier at than say a Saturday in August at Disneyland Paris. There are lots of options for character dining at Disneyland Paris including:

  • Auberge de Cendrillon for dining with the princesses
  • Plaza gardens for more classic characters like Pinocchio and Mickey
  • Inventions (currently closed during renovations of the Disneyland Paris Hotel)

For more tips on how to book character dining at Disneyland Paris check out this post.  Or if you aren’t looking for a fancy Thanksgiving dinner then check out our favourite cheap places to eat in Disneyland Paris.  And if you are vegan at Disneyland Paris then check out this guide which includes seasonal offerings. 

Outside of the park, we recommend heading to the Disney village. There are lots of food options in the village but if you want something American themed we recommend hading to Annette’s for a classic American diner experience or Planet Hollywood. 

However for something that has at least some ingredients in common with a Thanksgiving dinner then you should consider heading to King Ludwig’s Castle as here you can get meat and cranberry sauce. 

Also if you want to get anything Pumpkin spiced while visiting Disneyland Paris the best place you can go is the Starbucks in the Disney village. 

Best Place to stay at Disneyland Paris for Thanksgiving?

Where to Stay in Disneyland Paris - the Disneyland Paris hotel

Where to Stay in Disneyland Paris with toddlers – the Disneyland Paris hotel

Whenever we are talking to people about where to stay at Disneyland Paris then we always recommend staying on site if you aren’t visiting Disneyland Paris on a budget

None of the rooms will have any special decorations for thanksgiving however all of the hotels will have Christmas decorations in the foyers but not in the individual rooms themselves. (For more information on visiting Disneyland Paris at Christmas check out this post).

However if you want to stay somewhere that feels like home you could consider:

  • Newport Bay – this has a New England feel
  • Sequoia Lodge – a national parks inspired lodge hotel
  • Santa Fe – a cars themed hotel based on the Southwest US
  • Cheyenne – a toy story themed hotels with old west style theming outside. 

What is the Disneyland Paris Weather at Thanksgiving ?

Although Disneyland Paris in November is Winter, the weather at Disneyland Paris in November actually tends to be cold but crisp rather than dreary and rainy. The temperature in November and for Thanksgiving tends to hover in the single digits but has had average highs of 11C and lows of 5c. 

You may also get some rain being europe in November. The rain however doesn’t tend to be huge downpours but more likely to be small showers. As there are around 15 days of rain in November in Paris you have around a 50% chance that Thanksgiving will be a rainy day. 

In my opinion you are best to prepare for some rain when putting together your Disneyland Paris Thanksgiving packing list. For more information on visiting Disneyland Paris in the rain tips check out this post. 

Is Disneyland Paris on Thanksgiving worth it?

If you are looking for a lovely day in the parks when the crowds will be relatively low, then Thanksgiving could be a perfect day for you to visit Disneyland Paris. 

However if you want to do something on your vacation that truly celebrates Thanksgiving and feels like home then you may want to consider giving Disneyland Paris a miss as there is nothing done for Thanksgiving specifically. 

Have you visited Disneyland Paris at Thanksgiving? What did you think? Let us know in the comments your thoughts about Thanksgiving at Disneyland Paris.